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Nature and Activities

From Kolin Kajo, you can make day trips to Koli National Park as well as to Hiidenportti, Tiilikka, Patvinsuo, and Petkeljärvi National Parks, which are located within a 1.5-2 hour drive, as well as to the Telkkämäki nature reserve/traditional farm in Kaavi. Additionally, the beautiful natural sites in the neighboring municipalities are worth exploring.


Kolin Kajo is located in a natural light area. You can admire various sky phenomena there throughout the year. Through the following links, you can check the situation of the starry sky, the visibility of the moon, and the aurora forecast:  

Skywarden is an observation system maintained by Ursa Astronomical Association. Available observation categories consist of different astronomical and atmospheric phenomena.

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Local tourism service providers

    "Eat and drink:Restaurants and cafes in Koli, Lieksa and Juuka"

  •  Services in Koli National Park

  •  Grocery stores

    ”Nature trips are organized by Eräsniekka Ky Irja Tanskanen. We organize hiking trips in the Koli area in the summer and snowshoeing trips in the winter with over twenty years of experience. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to experience nature leisurely and genuinely with all senses.”

    "Experiences, well-being, adventure, extreme or relaxation. Husky rides."

    ”Spend your own Koli day in the heart of the national park on the shore of Lake Pielinen at Korvenkota. Guided or self-guided trips to the national park and the lake can be arranged through us. Moments spent sitting by the campfire and the gentle steams of the traditional smoke sauna will crown your nature day experience in the Koli national landscape. Call and book now to experience the authentic Koli at the Korvenkota.”

  • https://erä    
    ”Experience Koli and Lake Pielinen with all its offerings. Adventure trips for 1-15 people, according to agreement. Trips also available to other lakes. Experience the natural beauty of wilderness lakes. Enjoy campfire meals, the silence of the wilderness, and thrilling fishing experiences. Price according to agreement for each trip."

    "Horseback riding on the farm."

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