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Kolin Kajo´s Responsibility

In all our operations, we take into account the comfort of our guests and the environment, and we adhere to the principles of sustainable tourism.


Sociocultural responsibility

As owners of Kolin Kajo, we are part of the local community and respect the values and living environment of the local people in our operations. We participate in events organized by the local community association and inform our guests about them. Koli Nature Center Ukko and other local tourism services and their producers are introduced to guests through brochures and by providing additional information on-site during guest reception. We use as many local products and services as possible and recommend them to our guests. Links to service providers and businesses can be found on our website Nature and Activities.


Our goal is to strengthen cooperation with local businesses and associations and support local vitality. We are involved in tourism projects aimed at developing responsible tourism.


The property is located about 3 kilometers from the nearest settlement, so guests do not disturb local residents, and vice versa. Local services are used for road maintenance and property maintenance. In our family business, we personally take care of ensuring that guests' stays/holidays at the villa go smoothly.


We are involved in tourism cooperation with Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus. The Hiking Etiquette on the website is included in the cottage guestbook for guests.


All guests are welcome to us. We do not discriminate against anyone based on age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relationships, health status, sexual orientation, or any other personal reason. For people with mobility impairments, it should be noted that staying at the villa is not completely accessible, as there is no elevator. Instructions for guests' safety and safe stay are compiled separately in the villa's cottage guestbook.


Ecological Responsibility


The property and hot water are heated with geothermal energy. When our electricity contract ends in April 2024, we will switch to purchasing only fossil-free electricity from the electricity company. The accommodation has a heat-storing fireplace-baking oven for cooking, creating a cozy atmosphere, and heating. The property has well-dried, locally sourced wood stored for this purpose, which is also used to heat the outdoor hot tub and the outdoor campfire place. The villa has its own, regulation-compliant wastewater system. We provide instructions to our guests on water and electricity usage.


Kolin Kajo is built from Finnish wood, which is a renewable, durable, and long-lasting building material, and it acts as a carbon sink throughout its life cycle. The property is maintained with respect for landscape values and biodiversity. No pesticides or fertilizers are used on the property.


We use biodegradable cleaning products. The showers and sinks have water-saving thermostatic faucets. Consumables are made from sustainable materials, and we aim to use ecological alternatives in our operations. We do not use disposable tableware.


We sort and recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, metal and organic waste. Guests are provided with recycling instructions and recycling bins are provided to enable waste sorting.


The recreational equipment provided for guests at Kolin Kajo (snowshoes, kicksleds, sleds, frisbee golf, dart board, Mölkky) do not require motor energy or fossil fuels. The villa offers the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature, and guests can access nature directly from the villa. We have agreements with neighboring landowners that old trails can be used.


Development of Operations and Certification


We operate responsibly to ensure the continuity of our operations in the future.


To improve our services, we collect feedback from our guests during their stay, either in writing and/or orally. We also encourage guests to provide feedback through our online booking system. We aim to implement development suggestions promptly. The owners of the company coordinate the development of sustainable tourism.


Kolin Kajo is a member of Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association – ECEAT Finland. Kolin Kajo is committed to meeting ECEAT's international quality criteria for ecological and cultural sustainability.

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