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The environment

The environment

Kolin Kajo is located on the top of Räsävaara, offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding nature. The place is peaceful, with the nearest neighbor being 3 km away. It takes about half an hour to walk to the lookout tower and a 15-minute drive or a 1.5-hour walk to Koli National Park. Other national parks such as Hiidenportti, Tiilikan, Patvinsuo and Petkeljärvi are within a 1.5-2-hour drive, as well as Telkkämäki nature reserve/traditional farm in Kaavi. There are also several significant natural sites in the neighboring municipalities. For more information, visit the Nature and Activities.

The villa offers the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature, with direct access from the front door. The forests, meadows, and marshes are full of wonders. The villa is located in a natural light area, where you can admire the sunlight and sunset, the midnight sun, the starry sky, the darkness of the night, and the moonlight, and sometimes even the northern lights. In winter, the trees on Räsävaara get a snow blanket, creating a quiet white environment that looks like a fairy tale. In spring, you can see nature awakening and the beautiful light green shades of birches, and in autumn, the full spectrum of fall colors. In late autumn, nature prepares for winter, and the twilight prevails, guiding people to calm down.

The surroundings of Kolin Kajo offer a variety of recreational opportunities throughout the year: skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and, when the ice allows, ice skating on the lake in winter. In other seasons, the environment invites you to hike, mountain bike, pick berries, mushrooms, and enjoy the wonders of nature. In Koli's cultural environment, there is plenty to explore, see, and experience.

Other distances

In February-March, it is about 50 m to the ski trail, 5 km to the village of Koli (Sale grocery store, cafes, restaurant, ski trails), 6 km to the Koli National Park, the Ukko-Koli Nature Center, the slopes of Ukko-Koli and the Koli Relax Spa, 25 km to Juuka, 75 km to Joensuu and 80 km to Nurmes.

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